Future of Creator Commerce

In collaboration with a 12-member team, we envisioned the “future of creator commerce” for Deloitte Digital. The objective was to harness the power of content creators to foster a better line of communication between brand and consumer. Through surveys, interviews, and observational studies, we gathered 640+ research data points to identify the relevance of creator commerce where entertainment and retail overlap.

Our team designed strategy matrices, gamified experiences, and visual narratives to communicate the value and benefits of different pairings between brand archetypes, creator archetypes, and platform channels. By visually articulating how creators can fuel social commerce, we identified the key moments and opportunities for existing and emerging contexts. *Served as Creative Lead.
Creative Direction, Concept, Strategy,  Primary and  Secondary Research

Research insights allowed us to define creator commerce, identify creator/brand archetypes, and key relationships.

We identified three key problems in the current social commerce landscape.

1. Consumers are overlooked
2. Choice Fatigue
3. Under representation of diversity within the influencer industry

In order to help Deloitte’s clients get the most from social platforms, we identified how creators can serve as an intermediary between brand and consumer while also solving the identified problems with a strategy matrix and collaboration roadmap.
We visually articulated a solution for each problem and demonstrated the strategy matrix through use cases and solution storyboards.