Home Recordings 

Home Recordings is an installation that explores the relationship between the content of a memory and the media on which it is stored. The installation features elements of a living room, where each surface is covered in a repeating pattern of home videocassette tapes. The tapes are containers of the memories and experiences they hold; with a reference to the familiarity of home.

The pattern of the tapes creates a sense of equality between the memories. Regardless of the content, the captured memory is represented by the same type of container. This creates a deliberate absence of hierarchy. The installation explores the idea of reversing the shell of media and the content of the memory. With accompanying print literature, Home Recordings invites the viewer to reflect on their memories and the role media plays in shaping and preserving them.
Concept, Installation, Pattern Design , Print Literature, Photography

Extended Edition Exhibition 
SCADmosaic Showcase