Top Dog of Taste

In collaboration with a 14-member team, a fully integrated marketing campaign was developed for Wienerschnitzel, the world's largest hot dog chain. The campaign's primary objectives were to enhance positive sentiment surrounding the hot dog, drive primary demand within the industry, and establish Wienerschnitzel as a leading innovator.

Market research was conducted using focus groups, surveys, biometric testing, and ethnographic studies to gather 6,540+ research touchpoints that informed the development of a comprehensive campaign strategy. We created over 25 marketing tactics to be implemented across paid, owned, and earned media channels, ensuring a wide-reaching impact and effective engagement with the target audience.
Campaign Identity System, Experiential Design, Packaging Design, Branded Merchandise, UI/UX Design, Presentation Design, Illustration

AAF NSAC  *National Runner-Up

AAF District 3 *Winner